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From today’s papers, this

From G’day, G’day on March 27, this

Reminds me, I haven’t been for a run this week…


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Buff Aussies

Yogic bouncing


You wouldn’t wish norovirus on anyone but your fiercest enemy. It can cause diarrhoea and vomiting so impressive Linda Blair would turn green with envy (just ask Fran), leaves victims feeling like empty shells and spreads easily on the air or through contact. When an epidemic hit the UK last winter, sufferers were advised to lock themselves away from the rest of humanity for five days to ensure a full recovery.


Nonetheless, when it hit me shortly after we touched down in Hong Kong on the first leg of our emigration to trip Australia, I was delighted.


The eager anticipation at moving to Oz had been tempered by the fact that, according to what I’d read in the papers and seen on telly, all Aussie males were buff surfers who’d spent their entire lives outdoors winning at sport, wrestling crocodiles and wild cattle with their bare hands and perfecting the long, streaked blonde hair / rippling torso combo. The women were also tall, no nonsense physical specimens to be admired.


Quick! Before she eats the lot


My weak will and fondness for alcohol, fat and sugary goodness (as well as a non-existent fitness regime) meant I could only dream forlornly of such things. Good old noro offered a shortcut to success.


The virus-inspired glory of a slender waistline proved short-lived, the tempting foodstalls and cafes of SE Asia soon seeing to that.


What a relief to learn that Australia has one of the fastest growing rates of obesity in the world. And that Melbourne has more than its fair share of porkers.


So thanks Aussies. Keep eating those pies and I can keep heading to the beach.

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